Estimating The Asbestos Removal Cost In Melbourne

Asbestos is an issue for most people in Australia. Buildings built before the 1990’s are most likely filled with asbestos. That is why you can almost meet asbestos product in old buildings. Do you even know that asbestos is dangerous? The substance can cause health hazard in your life. It can even cause death. That is why you must investigate the presence of asbestos through an asbestos testing Melbourne service. Once you find them, you have to remove it immediately. Continue reading this article to find out more about asbestos!

Estimating The Asbestos Removal Cost in Melbourne

Basically, it is impossible to see the presence of asbestos with your naked eyes. The fibre dust is incredibly tiny that can only be seen through a test from the laboratory. You have to keep in mind that only an NATA-certified laboratory can do the test properly. Do you know that an asbestos testing is also necessary for your house value? The report can increase your house value in the property market. See how many advantages that a service can bring? Sign up for a through inspection right now!

Now usually a general sampling procedure in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane will cost you around $150 to $500 per sample. Sometimes you may have to add more service to finish the entire safety procedure which is an air monitoring. It can add more bills around $600 to $1000. Sum it all up then you may have to pay around $750 and $1500 for the full inspection of asbestos in the building.

Usually, you will be asked to have a full inspection of asbestos right at the moment you find there is a positive result in an area. Then, how much is it for a full investigation? It can cost you around $500 and $900. Consider it as an investment. Why? Because an asbestos testing report can help you boost your house value. It can increase the price of the house in the property market.

Right after you are done with the inspection work; And you have figured out the concentration of asbestos inside the building; Now you may continue to the next process which is a removal work. But before you decide to have one, you should create a planning of asbestos removal cost first.

For those who are new in facing asbestos then estimating a single asbestos removal service can quite be confusing. Every asbestos removal service cost depends on your building’s location. The rate is varying based on the needed scope of work and the location. In Victoria, a removal service can cost you around $25/m2. It is the lowest rate among all states in Australia.

Now check out and write down the costs of the average asbestos removal Melbourne ( services below:

Vinyl flooring

Save your money for the average cost to remove 0 to 20 square metres of vinyl flooring is about $100 to $150 per square metre. You must pay for at least $50 to $100 per square metre to remove a vinyl flooring for more than 80 square metres.

Internal cladding

You can find that a minimum price for an internal cladding removal service is around $1,000 to $1,500 per room. Some of the removalists may charge you for $50 to $70 per square metre to uninstall the asbestos internal cladding in a large room.


You can pay around $350 to $500 in minimum to uninstall asbestos eaves in your home. The average cost for 0 to 10 lineal metres to remove eaves is about $55 to $80 per metre. It will be different to remove 30 lineal metres of eaves; you must pay about $55 to $90 per metre.

External cladding

Area Melbourne
Small jobs (0-50 m2) $70-$100 per m2
Medium jobs (50-100 m2) $50-70 per m2
Large jobs (more than 100 m2) $50-$70 per m2


Area Melbourne
Minimum fee $350-$500
Small jobs (0-50 m2) $70-$100 per m2
Medium jobs (50-100 m2) $50-$80 per m2
Large jobs (more than 100 m2) $35-$50 per m2


Area Melbourne
Minimum fee $250-$400
10 meter $700-$1200
50 meter $1900-$2500
100 meter $3000-$5000

Post-removal inspection

Complete the entire works with a post-removal inspection. Make sure your house is safe through an air monitoring. The service is important as the completion of the entire removal projects. You probably will get charged around $1000 to $2000.

Do you understand about the estimation now? It is time for you to start searching for a suitable removalist! For your information, there are a lot of portals which connects you to get asbestos contractor services from across the Australia. Take a look at their web pages, try Asbestos Watch Melbourne ( It will definitely save your time and money on searching for the right removalist. Don’t cost your safety at risk; Have a nice day!