Hello, I’m Mulan and since 2004 I have developed and built websites. On January 1, 2009, I officially started my own firm, where I offer to develop websites for clients. It’s a challenging project, or actually a women’s business. Because I can work for it from home.

Since I started building websites, I followed several courses within the field of frontend web development. Website development grows so fast that it’s important to keep myself up to date.

I work mainly for small to medium-sized companies and organizations that want to be on the Internet in a good way or want to improve their current online presence. Most companies would like to be themselves in their websites. They want a nice website. But then one fits who they are and what they do. And of course, it must appeal to their visitors!

They would also like to have an effective website. That visitors will find them. And that their website is easy to read on any screen, whether it’s desktop, tablet (like an iPad) or smartphone. Additionally, it would be best if the website yields more returns. In other words, you can tell your site more than your story. For example, manage events, sell products, create a mailing list.

Last but not least, I love my job as a web developer. With this job, I can creatively explore on how to describe people on their websites. It is quite challenging to match their personality in their websites. But, I love it anyway!